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How To Create A Successful CV Interview 

How To Create A Successful CV

Congratulations, class of 2015! Whether you’ve just graduated or you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, it’s common for recent graduates to have a bit of a lull when looking for work. While University is amazing for many reasons, it can be hard to translate what you’ve learned into useful information for an employer. Many students find ‘selling themselves’ on a CV to feel false and troubling. If you’re stuck on your resumé, here’s what graduate employers look for from recent grads. State Your Career Objectives While stating…

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The Best Career Advice You’re Not Taking Interview 

The Best Career Advice You’re Not Taking

We’re all striving for the perfect job, but actually climbing the career ladder and landing the roles you want is much easier said than done. One way to get ahead in today’s competitive employment market is to seek out top career tips, but as well as reading and listening to this guidance, you need to act on it. Here is some of the best careers advice that you may not be taking. It’s never too late to retrain You’ve no doubt heard lots of people say that it’s never too…

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Getting Ready for a Job Interview Interview 

Getting Ready for a Job Interview

You’ve been applying for jobs because you are either currently unemployed or you are looking for a new direction in your career. A letter or a phone call has let you know that you have been selected for an interview in the next few days and you need to know how to prepare for the experience. With some research, organisation and self-belief you can walk into the room knowing you are ready for the questions the panel have for you. The first thing to do is to have a look…

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How to Ask For a Promotion at Work Interview 

How to Ask For a Promotion at Work

The first step is to jot down two statements.  One statement covers how the first 90 days will be spent once promoted to the position and the second statement will cover how to help replacement fill the previous position. These statements provide the information needed to answer the questions bosses may raise about the promotion. Write down the two statements nicely in case the boss asks for answers in writing. 10 Steps To Ask For a Promotion at Work • List all skills that have been gained with the current…

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Ask Your Boss: Behavioral vs Technical Interview Questions Interview 

Ask Your Boss: Behavioral vs Technical Interview Questions

“Why do some positions use more behavioral type interview questions vs technical type interview questions or vice versa? Advantages and disadvantages of both? What type of balance do you like for various position levels within an organization?” Very timely questions. I just posted a position in our office, and I will be the one coming up with the interview questions. I always have this dilemma: what type of questions should I use? My personal favorite interview questions are the behavioral type. You know, your most dreaded interview questions that start with “Tell me…

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