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3 Hacks to Bring Your Energy Bills Down

Keeping control of your business costs is likely to be an ongoing challenge, and one area where you might really struggle to rein in your spending is energy. Luckily, there are certain measures you can take to help you get to grips with these expenses, and here are three of the most effective. Make sure you’re on the best possible energy tariff  Firstly, take a long, hard look at your current energy tariff. If you’re not convinced that you’re getting the most competitive deal on your gas and electricity, it…

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How to Make Remote Hires Feel Welcome in Your Organization

Establishing a remote hire on boarding process is critical to smoothly integrating your remote hires into your organisation. Starting a new job is often a tense situation. Many people tend to feel heightened levels of fear and anxiety because they don’t know what to expect. Emotions have a tendency to become amplified when employees are working remotely. Implementing a standard remote employee on boarding process will provide better control during this experience. By running through your onboarding checklist, and implementing each process along the way, your new hire will transition to…

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5 Benefits of Using a Debt Settlement Company

Economic times are tight and debt is a concern for virtually everyone. Whether you fall a little behind due to job-related issues or are hit by an emergency expense, having debt can be a crippling experience. Many try to tackle the issue on their own because they are either too embarrassed or not knowledgeable enough to take advantage of different options. Fortunately, there is an option for many people to use: debt settlement companies. If you’re wondering how debt settlement companies can help you, here are five points to consider…

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3 Ways To Bring Your Workforce Closer Together

Behind every good business are hardworking and dedicated employees. Aside from ensuring your staff members are productive and motivated in their jobs, it’s important that you do what you can to make sure they work well together. In this blog, we look at three simple ways you can create a happy and cooperative team. Schedule a group activity When they’re busy at work, it’s only natural for your employees to act professionally and stay focused on the tasks at hand. However, if you feel that your staff could benefit from…

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Creating an office that complements your brand

While it’s important to ensure that your office is comfortable and safe for your employees to work in, it’s also crucial that it complements your brand. Unless your workspace is befitting of your company’s ethos, you’ll struggle to impress not only your personnel, but your customers too. To find out what it takes to brand your space, here are a few helpful pointers. The perfect layout  How your office space is arranged can reveal a lot about you as a business. To ensure that you’re keeping your layout in line…

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The 3 Mistakes of My Life

Most of us seek more happiness, more growth, more acknowledgement, more fame and of course, more money than what we have at present. Most of us have many reasons like situations, lack of opportunities, use of unethical means or misfortune as impediments that block our road to glory. Ronald .A. Heifetz talks about ‘getting on the balcony.’ It refers to separating oneself from the thick of action while action is on and move to a balcony upwards to have a macro view of the situation. If I am playing a match, when…

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Ways to Boost Warehouse Worker Morale

There is a strong relationship between the happiness and morale levels of people and their productivity, according to studies. In general, the greater morale people possess and happier they are, the more focused and productive they will be. Employers have cottoned onto this fact and are now attempting to ensure their employees are as happy as possible (within reason). For many manufacturing and wholesale companies it is their warehouse workers who are the foundation of the company. There are many simple ways to improve their morale and therefore productivity in…

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5 Business Practices Your Boss Hasn’t Got Time For

You won’t be hard pressed to find an employee who ‘hates’ their boss. Walk into any business and ask the honest opinion of staff and many of them will be happy to come up with a number of reasons for disliking their employer. Some points will be valid, others just exaggerated due to a number of reasons, with ‘hate’ often the wrong word. However, few ever stop and think that their bosses may have annoyances with them. There will be a number of things that many bosses do not have…

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Why you Should Outsource to Help your business grow

There are a number of different parts of your business that you can outsource in order to expand and grow. A lot of businesses tend to outsource in an attempt to cut costs, others do it to benefit from another company’s expertise in different areas of business. There are many benefits to outsourcing different aspects of your business so you should definitely consider outsourcing to see whether it could benefit you, here’s why: Skills Many companies are experts in their chosen field but have very little experience in other aspects…

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What you need to know to Become Successful in Your Given Trade

Whatever your trade, there’s a few failsafe ways to become more successful. Work on improving these basic aspects of your business first and becoming a leader in your industry will become much easier later on as you expand your industry knowledge further. To become a successful trader in a variety of different trades, there are a number of different skills you need to acquire. Here’s what you need to know to become successful whatever your given trade: Have tenacity Although you may feel intimidated or less knowledgeable than your peers,…

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