Wondering what’s going on in your boss’ head? Dying to know what the interviewing panel thinks when you are stumbling to answer a tricky question? Wishing you could know how to handle all that drama at work? Going to ask for a raise but not sure what to say? Just got promoted, feeling overwhelmed but your ego stops you from showing it to your boss? Hold and behold because you find yourself in the right place.

I’ve been supervising people on and off for about twelve years. I was 25 years old when I was put in charge of fifteen people. The first year was the toughest as I hardly knew what I was doing. But that first year enlightened me about the ups and downs of being a manager more than any book or class could ever have taught me.

Being a boss is never smooth sailing. My biggest pet peeve is dealing with personnel issues. I am not a people pleaser by any means, but upsetting people does not make me happy either. You know that statement that says “you cannot please everyone, but you can try your hardest?” This is the biggest bull shit of a selling pitch for some management book that I’ve ever heard. If you try to please everyone, you are going to lose this game and end up with missed deadlines, more stress, unhappy management and (surprise!) upset employees.

In the past few years I demoted and promoted. I have given raises when asked and given them when not asked. I have fired and I have disciplined. I laughed. I cried. I screamed. I have dealt with sexual harassment claims. I have dealt with financial fraud. For these reasons alone, I prefer to stay anonymous and to not talk about what exactly I do for a living.

By no account I am a so called “big wig.” I am not a CEO. I am not a CFO. I am your average supervisor who deals with people, interviews, raises, work conflicts, personal drama in the office on a daily basis. I have enough experience that I would like to share with you.

You think your boss doesn’t care what you do outside of work? Wrong! You think that even though you are a star employee and your work is immaculate, nothing else matters? Wrong! You think your shoes do not matter?  Wrong! I know it sounds pathetic but it is true? You think your life starts after your leave your office? Wrong again!

I cannot promise that I will tell you exactly what’s going in your boss’ head. But I definitely will share with you what I, as a boss, think. The purpose of this site is to help you to better understand your manager, give you a direction, provide some guidelines.

If you are looking for a career coach, you are in the wrong place. I am not going to give you advise where to look for a job, or what career you should choose. This website will not be your work and life manual. Remember, there is no manual for real life.  But I do hope that this site will help you to navigate (and not blindly) that not-so-simple office life.

If anything else fails, accept this site as ramblings of your boss. And learn from it!

Want me to discuss any specific topic? Have a question? Got a situation and need advice? Feel free to email me anonymously (or not.)

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