Boss Cannot Make Everyone Happy

I upset people. Most of the time not intentionally but nonetheless. I try my best not to, but simply being who I am, a boss, I set people off. This, I view, as unavoidable, expected and certainly not unusual in the work environment. This is real life, so suck it up, people.
As a boss (or a human being), I will never try to please everyone because it is impossible.

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Temp Agencies: Good Idea or a Career Buster?

You build a different network. Networking is always good, especially when it is more diverse.
You widen your professional exposure. Make sure not to be shy and put your skills out there.
You develop new skills. You might be surprised what you can learn while working as a temp.
You might get hired into a permanent position if you perform well. It is not given, but it is very possible.
Your pay might be better than expected. I know temps who were making about 50K a year. Yes, by temping. The formula is simple: the more you make, the more a temp agency makes.
You maintain a somewhat flexible schedule that lets you look for a job you really want.

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How to Ask For A Raise

I have to admit that supervising people can be a very rewarding experience. It also can be frustrating, sometimes even maddening. People come to me with different set of problems. Some like to complain about others. Some like to ask for advice or direction they need to take with a project. Some like to have a conversation about a raise, the most intimidating discussion of all. However, I believe that if this conversation is timed correctly, researched and approached properly, the subject of a raise is not intimidating. Not at all. If anything, it can be a positive experience. However,...

About What Your Boss Really Thinks

Wondering what’s going on in your boss’ head? Dying to know what the interviewing panel thinks when you are stumbling to answer a tricky question? Wishing you could know how to handle all that drama at work? Going to ask for a raise but not sure what to say? Just got promoted, feeling overwhelmed but your ego stops you from showing it to your boss? Hold and behold because you find yourself in the right place.

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