Why diversity is so good for the workplace

Diversity in the workplace has become a buzz term that many business owners seek to understand so that they can implement it. However, it may go beyond simply hoping for more diverse candidates come to you; sometimes you have to actively seek out diverse employees. Why should any business owner be interested in making the effort? Here’s why diversity is so good for your business–and bottom line financial management. What is diversity? Before you embark on a mission to increase diversity in the workplace, it’s important to understand what it is. The first things that come to mind when thinking of...

Ask Your Boss: Is It Okay To Socialize A Lot With Co-Workers?

“Is it okay to socialize a lot with co-workers after work? What about during work hours?” Good questions! I, personally, am not a big fan of happy hours with co-workers for two reasons: When you share a drink or two, you relax, and you feel that you are more friends than co-workers. This attitude might be carried over into the work environment, and consequently may cause some trouble. Or misunderstanding. Or gossip. If I go out, I prefer to go out with my friends. When I am with my friends, I do not have to watch every single word I...

Ask Your Boss: When a Boss Doesn’t Deal With an Office Bully

“I am in a unique position. I am an onsite vendor working for a client. The job is going pretty well except for one thing:  One of the members on our small team is very difficult to work with. My client boss has taken me aside and apologized for the way this person has treated me i.e. super passive aggressive nit picky emails. My client boss said she would talk to this person. The rudeness has continued. Now my client boss has said that it is my responsibility to work out the issues with this person. I told her that...

How to Deal With Office Assholes

Every office has assholes who spoil everything for everyone. They annoy us. They upset us. They drive everyone crazy. It takes a certain personality, a certain talent to do what the rest of us view as appalling, disrespectful or plain crazy, and get away with it. The good news is that we don’t have put up with these office assholes. The bad news is that it is not easy to confront them.

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